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LLC AIIAKS is a dynamically developing company that does not miss shipbuilding trends.

We implement complex solutions from the supply of marine equipment to warranty and service, fulfilling orders on time and taking into account the wishes of the customer.

We work with many foreign and Russian equipment manufacturers, such as: Cyeco, Wartsila, Mitsubishi, Yuchai, BIO SEA, Kingisepp machine - building plant, etc.

Due to the long-term experience of partners and cooperation with them, our company adheres to high standards of quality and service at all stages of work.

Supply of equipment:
Main ship engine
Main ship engine — this is the main power unit, due to which the rotation of the propeller (the course of the vessel) and the electric generator (partially or completely, depending on the design) is ensured. Certain requirements are imposed on marine diesel engines of any modification, the most important of which is the reliability of operation, the duration of the operating time for failure.
Subsidary and emergency diesel generator
Subsidary diesel generator designed for uninterrupted supply of electric power to ships and ensures the operation of the ship's central power plant; feeds individual systems of the ship; provides energy to mechanisms and components.

Emergency diesel generator designed to power the lighting and power devices of ships in case of disconnection of the main or auxiliary power source. They are used in emergency situations as a backup power source for both large displacement vessels and small boats. Such generators can fully ensure the functioning of all units and mechanisms necessary to start the ship's power plants, as well as guarantee the continuous operation of navigation devices during an accident.
Deck equipment
Deck equipment is a set of elements, without which the normal functioning of the vessel is simply impossible. This type of equipment includes: anchors, winches, cables, boats, as well as lighting devices, etc.
Also, depending on the type of vessel, hydraulic hose cranes or hydraulic telfer cranes can be used. Each group of such deck equipment must comply with a number of standards and GOST standards.
Basically, deck equipment is selected individually for each vessel.
Desalinators and water disinfectants
The amount of water received into the ship's tanks from the shore is determined by the duration of the voyage, the type of power plant and the number of crew members and passengers. The norm of the daily supply of fresh water per person is taken at the same time in 50 liters. On modern vessels equipped with water desalination plants, the daily water consumption reaches 150-250 liters per person.
Thus, the purpose of water desalination plants is the desalination of seawater and the preparation of fresh water to meet ship needs.
In combination with desalination, water disinfection is carried out. Drinking water on ships according to sanitary and bacteriological indicators must meet the requirements of GOST 2874-82 "Drinking water. Hygienic requirements and quality control".
The purpose of disinfection of water and water supply systems is to prevent or eliminate existing bacterial contamination of water or water supply systems.
Technological equipment
Due to professional work of specialists, technological equipment is represented by a variety of designs.
A high level of operation should ensure an improvement in the useful output of equipment, an increase in productivity, an increase in reliability and durability, ensuring profitability, labor protection, technical safety of the machine in operation and environmental protection.
For example, on a fishing vessel are used: refrigeration units, conveyor belts, lifting equipment, cranes, manipulators, etc.
Various equipment is actively operated throughout Russia and adapted to Russian conditions. All technologies undergo strict control and testing.
Ballast water treatment systems
Ballast water (liquid ballast) - additional cargo on ships, as a rule, seawater or water immersed from a berth or shore in advance in ballast tanks or ballast system. Ballast water serves to ensure the appropriate weight, as well as the balance and stability of the vessel.
Specially constructed ballast tanks or a ballast system are available for the acceptance of liquid ballast on floating vehicles. Depending on the filling level of the ballast system, the vessel is able to change the depth of its posture.
Marine pollution caused by the discharge of ballast water from ships is considered one of the main sources of pollution of the oceans.
Engineers have developed the most effective methods of ballast water purification. As a result, fully purified ballast water is discharged overboard and this complies with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Wastewater treatment systems
Sewage on the ship includes effluents: from all types of toilets; sinks, baths, laundries and scuppers; effluents from medical facilities (outpatient clinics, infirmaries); rooms in which animals are kept; effluents from sinks and equipment of the galley and other premises of the food hall.
Ship's wastewater does not contain specific toxic substances, but can have a harmful effect on the reservoir or its area. Firstly, ship's sewage is an epidemiological hazard due to the high level of bacterial contamination. Secondly, due to the high content of organic substances, the oxygen regime of the reservoir may be disrupted, the biochemical processes of its self-purification are inhibited or completely stopped.
Taking into account the harmful effects of this category of waste, various wastewater treatment systems are installed on the ship for further discharge overboard.

Spare parts, tools, adaptations: the entire SPTA's nomenclature, replacement and spare parts, consumables and filters for all major brands of diesel engines and auxiliary mechanisms (deck mechanisms, fish factory equipment), ship electrics, fitting, etc.


Prompt delivery of SPTA/SPF around the world
Extensive experience with Customs authorities
We carry out full complex of commissioning works
Advantages of the company:
Flexible payment system
Deliveries around the world
Turnkey solutions
Proven partenrs and suppliers
Individual approach
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